Saturday, October 1, 2022


Greetings from the patio!                                                                                                                                   You might have read in my bio that I love to garden!  It seems to be something I can't stop doing or being.  Ever since I started gardening, whether it was plants for visual enjoyment or food, I have always found a good word while working outside, in the dirt, no music playing in my ears, no other distractions.  We moved this year, left the house we lived in for 12 years to move closer to kids and grandkids - that was not the plan to begin with - another story for another day.  I spent years making the yard look lush and pleasing to the eye.  Last summer I said "I think that's it! The yard is just the way I want it now all I have to do is maintain" Fall came and we decided to sell.  I had always said, this isn't ours to keep - yet another story for another day. I know I could create that yard beauty anywhere we lived.  It really was very humbling to have to put that to work.  

Through a series of events that we were humbled by we moved into a brand new house, it had just been completed and on the market for an hour when we bought it! and guess what - no landscaping!  A clean slate so to speak.  I got to it pretty fast, the front is done and the back is waiting on a pool.  We quickly came to the realization that this place had a hungry healthy mosquito population.  We did all the normal stuff with sprays, coils, tiki torches etc.  It was finding a bag of seeds to plant that said they repelled mosquitos that got me!  There was no picture of how the plants would look once sprouted, I was really intrigued at this point-because I am a fan of surprises!  I threw some seeds down in a place where, if I had to pull them up you wouldn't notice.  Well, they were beautiful and very colorful with a variety of blooms.  

One day I noticed a "runner" coming out from the area I had planted all the seeds, it had gotten a little overgrown and there didnt seem to be enough sun for them anymore.   I watched for a few days and this beautiful gold flower bloomed off of the runner.  It was the first time I had seen this particular flower in the mix.   This situation made me question, how did it know where to go? How did it know that it would be getting the right light where it stopped? (there was still ground it could have covered)  It brought itself out of the dark, and into the light by striving to do what it was created to do!  I was blown away at how I can apply this lesson to so many situations in my life, maybe you can relate.

Are you planted where you can't do what you were created to do? The definition of strive is to struggle or fight vigorously or to make great efforts to achieve or attain something.  Instinctively, this flower knew it had to get to the light to do what it was created to do, it got to work, no second guessing, no doubting, it didn't need anyone to encourage it or cheer it on.  Maybe it's time to lay down some tracks and get to the light!!

I appreciate your time today! 


  1. Kelly, I love this!! For a first time, never blogged before, did such a great job and a great message too! I'm excited to read your stories from now on! Congratulations and thanks for the encouraging word.

  2. We are kindred spirits for sure! Last fall we moved out of our home of 14 years and I left my well established garden and never looked back. I had the exact same thought, gardens can be created where ever we are planted as long as the Light is right. Beautiful post. Welcome to the world of blogging.



Greetings from the patio!                                                                                                                   ...